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Welcome to the Stockwell Park Residents' Association (SPRA) website.

Here you can find information about the Stockwell Park Conservation Area, from local history and planning issues to neighbourhood safety, social events and local recommendations.

Whether you are new to the area or a long-time resident looking for information, we hope you find this a helpful website.

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The Slade Gardens LTN – SPRA wants your views.

Most of you will be aware that Lambeth is proposing to introduce a new Low Traffic Neighbourhood encompassing the triangle bordered by the Clapham Road, Stockwell Road and Brixton Road.  That large area includes the Stockwell Park Conservation Area.   The LTN has not yet been designed, and the Council states that it is still at its “Identify and Empower” stage.  To date the Council has made no contact with SPRA, and unfortunately all my attempts to engage directly with the team involved with the LTN have been unsuccessful.


Many people have strong views about LTNs, both for and against.  The SPRA committee would like to know the views of SPRA members, so that it can consider how best to respond to the Council’s proposals.  You are therefore invited to send an e-mail setting out your views to our new dedicated e-mail address:  We would be interested to know (1) Do you think the traffic in our area has become worse since the introduction of the Oval and Ferndale LTN? (2) Are you in favour of traffic calming measures being introduced in the Conservation Area and, if so, what measures do you suggest? (3) Are you in favour of, or opposed to, the proposed Slade Gardens LTN?

I anticipate that in due course it will be appropriate to hold a public meeting to discuss the Council’s plans.  However, in the first instance I invite you to send your views to the e-mail address above.  Thanks in advance to those that take the time to do so.

Ben Elkington


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