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The Stockwell Park Conservation Area statement is available here.

Living in a beautiful conservation area can have its drawbacks. Residents can experience delays (and have done!) with building work, due to difficulties with having planning applications submitted and approved by Lambeth’s Planning Department or Conservation Officers.

We strive to have one committee member of the residents’ association dedicated to Planning, who aims to:

  • Review submitted planning applications from the Stockwell Park Conservation area and enlist the help of the SPRA committee where necessary or important

  • Answer residents’ planning questions and provide assistance where possible

  • Provide updates for residents via the e-Spark newsletter where relevant

  • Review and update our SPRA Recommended Tradespeople list to provide helpful points of contact for residents needing specialist building work


Our current committee member for Planning is Sebastian Deckker.

He can be contacted on  and would be happy to hear from you.

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